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Trent Batson, Project Co-Director
Judy Williamson, Project Co-Director

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Michael Keller, Web Coordinator

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What is Epiphany?

Epiphany (1994-96)
The Epiphany Project was a two-year national grant project funded by an Annenberg/CPB grant. The grant supported the project as it provided strategies and support to assist mainstream writing faculty with integrating technology into their classroom. Epiphany provided materials and workshops for over 40 institutions across the United States.

The Epiphany Web Update (1999-2000)
The Epiphany Web is now being hosted by Michael Keller and Joe Essid on Virginia Commonwealth University's server.  Joe Essid is hosting a new Epiphany listserv at the University of Richmond.   Check back for new materials as we solicit updates from Epiphany sites.


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