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Any event included in the SWS-gRAM will qualify for World Studies Passport Points. Please bring in a record of having attended the event (ticket stub, borchure, etc.) to the SWS Advising Office to receive Passport stamps. Please see for additional events and opportunities.

-------------------------------------------------------------Wednesday, September 17th--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Art in 15th Century Rome-A Presentation by Dr. Jill Blondin
Wednesday, September 17, 3:30pm – 4:30pm.The Globe, Room 1030 J.

-------------------------------------------------------------Saturday, September 20th--------------------------------------------------------------------------

VCU Broad Street Mile & Fun Run
Saturday, September 20, 10am–2pm.Broad Street between Belvidere & Hermitage Road.The VCU Broad Street Mile returns on Saturday, September 20th! The event combines a street festival with a 5K Run and series of one-mile fun runs on the city’s major thoroughfare, Broad Street. The second annual event will take place on Broad Street between Belvidere Street and Hermitage Road. In addition to providing a fun, festive event, the VCU Broad Street Mile provides a turnkey fundraising opportunity for local community organizations. We are excited to introduce the VCU 5K which is a new addition for 2014! Broad Street will be transformed into two areas, a running course and festival. The running course will feature the VCU 5K to kick-off the event, and eight themed one-mile races that start at 20 minute intervals. The festival area will feature live bands, music, art, food trucks, and exhibits from VCU academic programs, corporate sponsors, vendors, and local community organizations. For more information please visit their website at:

-------------------------------------------------------------Monday, September 22nd--------------------------------------------------------------------------

Day of Peace Event
Monday, September 22, 6pm–9pm. Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, 800 S Cathedral Pl, Richmond, VA. A message from the Universal Peace Federation of Richmond:"In the spirit of the 21st century and new millennium, we are challenged to breakdown the longstanding barriers, borders and boundaries which have divided us throughout the ages.These divisions have afflicted humankind with unending scourges of war, poverty, injustice, racism, and religious bigotry; to mention a few. Today, a new vision for reconciliation, unification and reconstruction of our families; communities; cities; nations; and world; eagerly awaits us. We invite you to participate." Day of Peace Events:Interfaith Panel: “Keys to Interfaith Harmony in Richmond”; Musical Entertainment; Video Presentation: “Ambassadors for Peace” (Global efforts); Keynote Address: “A New Dimension of Interfaith Relations for Greater Cultural Transformation” – Rev. F. George Russell, Director, UPF-Richmond; (Special note: light refreshments will be available at the Cathedral’s Parish Hall from 5:15pm. – 5:45pm.)

----------------------------------------------------------Tuesday, September 23rd-----------------------------------------------------------------------

U.S. Intelligence Community Virtual Information Session
Tuesday, September 23, 12pm–6pm.This virtual information session is visible in HireVCURams under Event Id 890. Space is limited, so please reserve a seat.

----------------------------------------------------------Wednesday, September 24th-----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Italian Mezzogiorno. History and Structure of an ‘Oriental’ Domestic Space (the Case of Sicily)
Wednesday, September 24, 1pm–2pm.701 West Grace Street: Room 1303.Edward Said’s notion of orientalism appears to apply perfectly to the case of the South of Italy, or to the Mezzogiorno, that, since the Unity of Italy in 1861, the national public rhetoric represents by means of essentialist categories aimed at portraying the area in terms of social, economic and human underdevelopment. Over the course of the lecture, the emergence of a counter-narration emerging in recent years based on “post-colonial” and anti-orientalist motives, will be discussed. Professor Pietro Saitta joins the Honors College from the University of Messina, Italy. Prof Saitta is a visiting scholar working closely with the School of World Studies this fall.

----------------------------------------------------------Thursday, September 25th-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Spotlight on North African Cinema with Dr. Mongi Bahloul
Thursday, September 25, 11am–12pm.Rm 1303, VCU Honors College, 701 W. Grace St. Dr. Bahloul is a visiting scholar. Please see the attached abstract on both of his lectures with helpful links below. For more information please contact Meghan Homer in the Honors College.

A Round Table Discussion: What's in a Name? IS, ISIS, ISIL, or Daish and the new Middle East
Thursday, September 25, 7pm–9pm.Rm 2104, Academic Learning Commons. Presented by the Political Science Department. With: William W. Newmann, Mayda Topoushian, Faedah M. Totah.

----------------------------------------------------------Friday, September 26th-----------------------------------------------------------------------

Anthropology Speaker Series with Dr. Bernard Means
Friday, September 26, 3pm–4:30pm.Commons Theater, VCU Student Commons, 907 Floyd Ave. More Details to Follow. Contact Dr. Christopher Brooks

----------------------------------------------------------Wednesday, October 1st-----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Construction of a 'Colonial' Space. Urban Environment, Industrialization and Social Struggles
Wednesday, October 01, 1pm–2pm.Rm 1303, VCU Honors College, 701 W. Grace St. Mostly large industries and companies operating in the oil sector have driven the industrialization of the South of Italy after World War II. In the 1950s most of the Southern territories were still characterized by an agricultural and post-feudal order. Oil extraction and the refineries promised to transform the southern lands into a “new Texas.” Over the course of the lecture, the discourse, the strategies, and the outcomes of such “industrialization without development” will be discussed. Professor Pietro Saitta joins the Honors College from the University of Messina, Italy. Prof Saitta is a visiting scholar working closely with the School of World Studies this fall.