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Foreign Language Placement Testing


VCU students can take the foreign language placement test in French, German, Latin, Russian, Chinese, and Spanish in the World Studies Media Center at the following times:

Monday-Thursday, 9AM - 8PM
Fridays, 9AM - 4PM
Saturdays, 12PM - 4PM

Closed on Sundays

VCU students may take the test on a walk-in basis. It takes 20-30 minutes to complete a test. Please read the Placement Guidelines below before taking a placement test. Bring your student ID.

Placement Guidelines

  • Students who plan to continue studying a foreign language that they studied in high school must take the language placement test to determine the appropriate language class.

  • Only students with transfer credit from other educational institutions are eligible to enroll in the next course within their language sequence.

  • Students may only take the language placement test once per semester.

  • Students will be provided with a copy of their test score, which will be stored in our database for five years.

  • Placement tests are valid for one year.

Placement Test Process

  • Placement Tests are administered through the World Studies Media Center, located in Hibbs 426.

  • Students must provide a valid VCU Student ID when signing in at the Media Center.

  • If the score clearly places a student in a given class, the student receives a hard copy of their results to be taken to their academic advisor, and their placement will be reflected on e-Services within 24-48 hours following the exam. Undeclared majors please contact University College.

  • Students are encouraged to challenge themselves in their pursuit of foreign language acquisition. Requests for exemption from this placement test policy must be submitted in writing to the Coordinator of Advising in the School of World Studies. Instructors have the right to verify a student’s level of proficiency and make recommendations to the language coordinators and the Director. These guidelines apply to all VCU students (freshmen, continuing, and transfer).

Placement Test Rubric



0-199 = FREN101

200-299 = FREN102

300-399 = FREN201

400-499 = FREN202

500+ = 300-level coursework
(consult with SWS Advising Office)


0-199 = GRMN101

200-299 = GRMN102

300-399 = GRMN201

400-499 = GRMN202

500+ = 300-level coursework
(consult with SWS Advising Office)


0-199 = RUSS101

200-299 = RUSS102

300-399 = RUSS201

400-499 = RUSS202

500+ = 300-level coursework
(consult with SWS Advising Office)


0-199 = SPAN101

200-299 = SPAN102

300-399 = SPAN201

400-499 = SPAN202

500+ = 300-level coursework
(consult with SWS Advising Office)


0-199 = CHIN101

200-399 = CHIN102

400-599 = CHIN201

600+ = CHIN202 or above (consult with SWS Advising Office)

Webcape placement test scores are retrievable for up to 5 years.
For more information about Webcape, please click here.

The Latin Placement Test

The Latin Placement Test is a hand-written test made up of 50 multiple choice questions. The scoring rubric for the Latin test is:

102 - must answer 17 out of first 23 questions correctly

201 - must answer 34 out of first 40 questions correctly, sentence translation must be correct

202 - only one error in questions 41-46 allowed (reading on Cicero)

To place out of 202 - Only one error in questions 47-50 allowed (reading on Virgil)

Native & Heritage Speakers

  • Foreign language courses through the intermediate (205) level are not open to native speakers.

  • With the exception of advanced conversation courses (305, 307 and 311), native speakers or semi-native speakers may be eligible for upper level coursework in their respective languages.

  • All native or semi-native speakers must provide either documentation of university coursework in their native language or take the Placement Test here on campus to determine eligibility for upper level courses.

  • Native and heritage speakers of languages other than French, German, Spanish, and Russian may be eligible to have the foreign language requirement waived.

    Click here for details on the foreign language requirement waiver.

Students Who Do Not Plan To Take Foreign Language Courses At VCU

  • Students who have completed 3 or more years of study of one foreign language at the high school level and do not plan to continue taking coursework in that language at VCU have fulfilled the Humanities and Sciences foreign language requirement through the 102 level.

  • Some majors in Humanities and Sciences require language through the intermediate (202) or advanced (300) level. Check the VCU Bulletin for foreign language requirements for your respective major(s).

  • The Foreign Language Placement Verification Form is required to verify fulfillment of the foreign language requirement through the 102 level.

    Click here to access the Foreign Language Placement Verification Form.

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